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Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

When we first come into the world it’s with a scrunched up face and a mouth full of shiny pink gums, but it won’t be long until we’re sporting 20 of our very first pearly whites. At the age of six our first permanent teeth start to make an appearance, and by the ripe old age of 20, we’re usually sitting pretty with our full compliment. If we take good care of these teeth they can last us our whole lives, requiring us only to brush and floss regularly and visit the dentist twice a year. If we’re less disciplined about oral hygiene or just happen to experience an accident that costs us one of those teeth, replacement is a viable and necessary option.

All Your Teeth Work Together To Stay Healthy

We know, you have 32 of these pearly white features, surely you can afford to lose one or two without issue, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Every tooth in your set have a job to perform, and one of the most essential is supporting the placement and durability of the teeth next to it. When one tooth is lost the others have to pick up the slack, and all of them lose a little stability and can begin to shift out of position as a result of the missing tooth. Needless to say, if you want a future with great teeth and a functional bit, replacement is something you need to consider.

How Your Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced

As dental medicine advances, we get an increasing number of options to replace teeth that are missing. While regrowing missing teeth is in the near future, it hasn’t quite arrived yet. Until it does there are a set of tried and true options available to help protect your smile and restore the stability of your oral environment. Dentures are an effective option that have stood the test of time, but superior by far are the dental implants that can replace your teeth in a way that appears completely natural and restores most of the natural function of your teeth.

Which Replacement Option Suits My Needs?

The only way to know which option fits your specific needs is to speak to your dentist and arrange a consultation. With their knowledge of your oral health condition, they’ll be able to instruct you towards a replacement option that fits your budget, that is fitting for your specific replacement needs, and is within your budget. If it’s within your reach dental implants are almost always the best option.

If you’ve reached a stage in your life where you’re looking for solutions for teeth that are missing in your smile, pick up the phone and give Dr. Haysam Shaaban a call at the Kent Dental Clinic. Professional and friendly, their Ottawa, ON based team will help you on the road to a beautiful, complete smile. Don’t let missing teeth continue to damage your smile while leaving you feeling self-conscious, call about dental replacement options today.

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