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Questions For Your Hygienist

So you’re preparing for your trip to the dentist and you think you’ve asked all the pertinent questions. You know the ones we’re talking about “Do I have my insurance card?”, “Have I taken time off from work?”, “Do I have my medical history?”, those ones. The ones that we ask to make sure we get to our appointment and everything goes smoothly. If you have all those covered, then it’s time to consider some questions you may never have thought to ask before, from a professional you see every time you go to the dentist. That’s right, these are questions for you to ask of your dental hygienist!

How Do My Habits Effect My Oral Health?

If you’ve got any life habits that you are concerned may be bad for your teeth, your dental hygienist will be the first one to be able to tell you. Smoking is one that most people know about, but did you know that extensive exercise can have a negative effect on your oral health? These and other facts are available from your hygienist, you just have to ask!

What Can I Do To Improve The Appearance Of My Smile?

When you stop in at the dental aisle in your pharmacy, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that you feel slightly overwhelmed by all the options that are available. Speaking to your hygienist will help you learn which ones are effective, and which ones are just a clever way to part you from your hard earned money. Additionally, they may have some tips and tricks they can offer that will actually improve the appearance of your smile.

What’s Causing My Halitosis (Bad Breath)?

There are a lot more causes to halitosis than you might think, and your hygienist knows all of them. Things that can cause halitosis include your diet, allergic reactions, and infections just to name a few. Want to know what else is putting the stink in your breath? Talk to your hygienist, they’ve got good information for you.

What If I’m Pregnant? Is There Anything I Should Know?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes and a lot of challenges for your body, and your dental health isn’t excluded from this. Your hygienist is going to know everything you need to know to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and make sure your teeth survive even the morning sickness days intact.

When you’re sitting in your dentist’s chair undergoing the tender ministrations of your hygienist, remember that they have a whole world of information they can share with you. Every expert in the dental office has valuable experiences they can share with you and abundant training that covers most aspects of your dental health. The staff that works with Dr. Haysam Shaaban at the Kent Dental Clinic are no exception, the level of skill and professional knowledge available makes every visit to the Ottawa, ON clinic an educational one. Call today and schedule an appointment and know you’re being served by some of the most respected dentists in the Ottawa area.

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