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The Dental Specialists Who Care For Your Oral Health

When most of us consider taking a trip to the dentist, we’re usually thinking of a general dentist who handles the day to day affairs of oral health. Just like any medical profession, there are specialists who treat specific issues and are experts in dealing with individual cases in their field. Each of them has spent additional time training for their job, and regularly coordinate with your regular dentist when their services are required. If you’ve always wondered what these specialists do, we’ve compiled a list of them below to help.

The Endodontist: Root Canals and Beyond
An Endodontist is who you’ll go to see if you find yourself in need of a root canal. While not all root canals are handled by these specialists, they’re usually called in when a case is particularly tricky or extensive. If your dentist has indicated that you need a root canal, they may call in this specialist to handle it.

Oral Surgery Specialists: Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons

Occasionally your dental health needs will go beyond cleanings, crowns, and the like. When surgery is called for your dentist will call in one of these specialists to handle the task. These experts are familiar with deep sedation and are the only specialists who don’t need to call in an anesthesiologist to handle sedation. These experts handle cases of cleft palate, cleft lip, difficult tooth extractions, and corrective jaw surgery.

Orthodontist: Getting Your Teeth In Line
An orthodontist is a specialist that most people have some familiarity with, as they’re the ones responsible for every treatment that helps realign your teeth. Braces are the most common, but in cases of crossbite, overbite, or underbite you may need more extensive work performed. While these are not the only cases they handle, they are the most common.

Pediatric Dentists: Dental Health For Children
As their name implies pediatric dentists specialize in the dental needs of children. During the developmental phases of our lives, our jaws and teeth are changing rapidly, and these specialists know exactly how to handle the problems that may arise during this time. They’re also experts at identifying problems early so they can be dealt with before the child reaches adulthood.

Periodontist: Treating The Gums
While we’re all familiar with the term “gum disease,” that’s about the extent of our knowledge about our gums. Severe gum disease can be life-altering, and if it should rear its ugly head, it’s going to be a periodontist you want to see to treat it. Like all specialists periodontists will work with your dentist to coordinate your treatment.

If you have more questions about specialists or want to know if your case would call for one call Dr. Haysam Shaaban at Kent Dental Clinic in Ottawa, ON. Their team has been working patients throughout the area to get them the best dental care and have a network of specialists that are available to serve your needs. If you’ve found that you need a specialist to handle your dental needs, contact Kent Dental Clinic today!

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