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Know Your Dentures Before You Make a Decision

We’ve all heard about dentures, but do you know what a denture actually is outside of the abstract “set of fake teeth”? Believe it or not, there’s a lot of different denture options, and what defines a denture can be as varied as the mouth it’s prepared for. If you’ve discovered you need dentures and have realized that you don’t actually know as much about them as you thought you did, never fear. This article was designed to help people like you enter the world of dentures fully informed!

So What Exactly Is A Denture Then?
Great question! Dentures, by definition, are prosthetic devices intended to replace missing teeth in their recipients. If you’ve lost one tooth or all of them, dentures are available to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking at a full set of dentures or a partial to replace a few missing teeth, they’re going to be explicitly designed to fit your mouth!

What Materials Make Up Dentures?
For many years artificial teeth have been made from porcelain or plastic, though throughout history they’ve been made from an even more diverse spread of materials. These included real teeth from other people and animals, metals, stone, and even seashells! Modern dentures, however, tend to be composed of a resin that is more durable than either of those materials. Regardless of what they’re made of you will need to take the time and effort to care for them properly, and avoid dropping them lest they crack or chip. Even with the best care, however, you’ll likely have to replace your dentures every five years or so.

Do I Have To Get Dentures?
Dentures do more than just make it possible to eat your favorite foods again and restore your beautiful smile; they also help to support the structures of your mouth and give your lips and cheeks a natural look. Those who are missing teeth tend to have a sunken, gaunt appearance as a result, and without them, the face gets prematurely aged. All of these are good reasons that reach beyond the purely aesthetic. The most important reason to get dentures does come back to your diet, however. Those with poor dental health and missing teeth tend to have limited diets resulting in poor nutrition.

What About Partial Dentures? Are They Necessary?
While it may seem unnecessary to get dentures if you have enough teeth to keep chewing somewhat regularly, it’s actually essential for the rest of your teeth that you get them. Partials do more than just restore the natural ability to chew; they also help to support the neighboring teeth and help keep them in position. Without them, your teeth can shift in their sockets resulted in misaligned teeth and damage to the remaining teeth.

If you’re considering getting dentures, pick up the phone and give Dr. Haysam Shaaban a call today. Along with their team at Kent Dental Clinic, Dr. Shaaban has been helping patients retain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in the Ottawa, ON area. Don’t let missing teeth continue to impact your oral health, make an appointment today!

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